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What exactly is a Professional Organizer?

A Professional Organizer is someone who assists in decluttering and finding functional solutions for one’s home. We like to think of ourselves as another piece to the puzzle in helping people find freedom and peace within their lives and families.

I feel uncomfortable having someone look at my home and belongings. What happens at the consultation?

We completely understand that it can be difficult to open your home and let us see your ‘mess’. We love to take a cluttered room from chaotic to neat, and nothing phases us! We never judge and know firsthand the struggles of life and how daily living can cause much disorder. We are here to help and can almost guarantee you will be so glad that you made the decision to contact us!

Do I need to be home or do you work on your own?

We offer both types of sessions. Some clients prefer to be hands on throughout the process, others prefer that we work without them.

Is it expensive to hire a Professional Organizer?

We are a team of two, so what would take one Professional Organizer six hours, we accomplish in three. We feel that we are very reasonably priced and work very efficiently. We like to tell clients that by becoming organized, you will be amazed at how much money you save in the long term. No more buying duplicates of items because you can’t find them. You will rediscover your possessions, which saves a lot of money. The best part is the freedom and time you will gain to enjoy the things you love!

Do you have a minimum amount of rooms or time that you require?

We do require a three hour minimum per session. A lot can be accomplished in a short time!

Will you make me throw away or donate my belongings?

Absolutely not! Becoming organized is a step by step process. We work with our clients at their pace. We are not there to make decisions for you or discard any items without your approval. We work together to reach your vision.