Organizing with Simplicity Professional Home Organizers in Rochester, New York want to make every client’s life a little easier. We work as a team of two to get your home or office in shape. 

Sarah Haines
Sarah knows firsthand the struggles that clutter and disorganization can cause. Since she was little, she has had a passion for tidying spaces. Working as a legal assistant, office manager and stay at home mom have all refined her organizing skills and led her to become a Professional Home Organizer. Over the years, realizing the incredible benefits that organization can offer people in all stages of life, she has transformed many spaces for friends, family and clients. Through organizing homes and offices, Sarah has found great joy in helping clients find freedom and reduce stress. She believes wholeheartedly that becoming organized is not about perfection, but rather peace of mind and more time to enjoy the important things in life. 
Sarah spends her time with her amazing husband of 18 years and two wonderful children. 

Romy Barbato

Always detail oriented and organized by nature, Romy takes pride in witnessing how liberated a client feels when a job has been completed.  She knows that keeping your home and time organized leads to freeing your mind from worry and stress. She is a native of Rochester, New York and majored in Speech Pathology at the University at Buffalo. Many of the positions she has held, including Technical Writer at a consulting company, and Pilates teacher, have involved organization in some part. Romy enjoys traveling and staying active with her husband, two sons and their dog.

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“On very short notice they were able to jump in and relieve virtually all of the burden on my sisters for moving, downsizing and organizing our mother within her apartment building. In addition to the help they are lovely people and very empathetic and sensitive.” ~ Fairport, NY